Payments in Pakistan


Payment Options

Payment Options

We accept payments in advance for all orders as the items you need are shipped from warehouses located internationally and locally. Moreover, the company has to bear all taxes and delivery charges. Once you have ordered an item, you receive an order confirmation email carrying payment instructions. Under all circumstances, the customer is required to email or WhatsApp us the proof of payment (e.g. screenshot of receipt) for his/her order to be processed further.

We accept payments in a variety of ways. Customers can make payments via:


  • For Online Bank Transfer:

    Transfer the payment online to the company’s account.

  • For Bank Deposit:

    Visit the nearest bank and deposit the payment in the company’s account.

Mobile Money Transfer

  • Visit any Store:

    Visit your nearest store to transfer the money to the company’s account.

  • Mobile Account:

    Use the preferred mobile account to pay for your order.

    You can pay through:
    • Easypaisa
    • JazzCash/Mobile Paisa
    • UPaisa
    • TimePay

Cheque/Pay Order

Deposit a cheque/pay order in the bank with the company’s given account details.

Credit/Debit Card

Customers can now pay for their order(s) via debit/credit card. To use this method, simply provide us with a picture of your card (both sides) for verification and we will use the given information to charge for your order.

(Important Note: All information provided will be kept confidential by the company under all circumstances)

Updated on Nov 17, 2022 4:08:22 PM

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