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Best HVAC accessories for a smart system

Before the summer season hits us with the heatwave, it is essential to have a smart yet energy-efficient HVAC system that cools us down instantly. It uses wireless technology to integrate with other smart devices like a temperature monitor to conserve energy and save money. The salient features of an HVAC system alongside smart energy-saving units lead to efficient heating and cooling in your home.

Improve the functionality of your HVAC system with smart accessories and be in the limelight for being an environmentally-friendly neighbor:

Smart thermostats

The smart thermostats and AC controllers have been there for a long time. Sleep comfortably through the night and let the device take care of the temperature settings. As opposed to their programmable or digital counterparts, they integrate with the motion sensors or cameras to learn your routines or usage pattern. That being said, a smart thermostat can turn off your HVAC system while you’re asleep or at work.

What if your daughter needs a different temperature in her room? No worries, as you can set various temperatures for separate zones and live comfortably under one roof. Make last-minute temperature changes, monitor air quality, and get maintenance alerts by connecting your thermostat to the application via built-in wireless technology.

Smart air purifiers

The HVAC filter is prone to catching pollen, pet dander, dirt, and dust. However, it misses other pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and mold spores. You could either install the air purifier in the ductwork or buy a portable purifier from Tejar.pk. It is a feasible solution if you want the bacteria and viruses gone from a couple of rooms in your home.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

As the names suggest, both the devices work to retain the right humidity levels in the air. A humidifier releases water vapors in the air when the environment is dry while a dehumidifier traps water vapors to prevent biological growth in your HVAC system. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to prevent damage to your furniture, walls, ceilings, and floor from extra moisture.

Prolong the life of your HVAC system, save energy and gain maximum efficiency using the smart cooling and heating accessories available only at Tejar.pk. Can’t decide which accessories to buy for your smart home? Contact us now and get full assistance from our customer representative.