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Smart vs. programmable thermostats – Home automation made easy with

The buzz behind home automation and smart technology can’t be denied. Of all the home automation devices we have in the market, a thermostat was one of the few blockbuster devices with built-in artificial intelligence technology and striking features.

But what makes the smart thermostat controllers stack up against their programmable and digital predecessors? Are they beneficial enough to save energy costs while maintaining a comfortable environment during the scorching heat season?

Upgrade your home with smart thermostats

The Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat controllers connect with a dedicated application on your smartphone. Set up automated routines while you are out, adjust the temperature of each room individually, and turn on the cooling or heating devices with a few touches.

The programmable thermostats are unable to connect to phone applications but have touchscreen displays like air quality monitors and temperature devices for scheduling.

Is there a difference between the features of programmable and smart thermostats?

Unlike their conventional counterparts, the smart thermostats are packed with a plethora of features, such as:

Integration with home automation kits

If you already have an automation kit at home, then integrating a smart thermostat would be a piece of cake for you. Apart from adjusting the temperature, you can turn on the energy-saving mode and cut down electricity costs. You can also integrate it with a weather station to adjust cooling/heating in accordance with the outdoor temperature.

Energy tracking

The energy-saving presets in smart thermostats allow you to reduce energy consumption in the long run. It automatically controls the cooling/heating in the most cost-efficient manner. The comfort of a cozy environment is just a yell away, all thanks to the voice commands. Just connect your temperature controller with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri and never worry about manual settings ever again.

Routine learning

The most useful feature missing in programmable and digital thermostats is artificial intelligence. Do you turn up heating or cooling in the morning? What temperature of your HVAC system do you maintain in the evening?

The smart thermostats and AC controllers memorize your routine, learn your patterns, and operate to match your requirements. Consequently, turning your home into an energy-efficient space.

If you want to keep tabs on the energy consumption of your HVAC system and plan on going energy-efficient, get one of the best Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and switch to smart life.