Temperature & Humidity Monitors products Price in Pakistan

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Buy humidity sensors for environmental monitoring applications

Just a few years ago, a temperature and humidity controller with sensors was most commonly used in industrial spaces for environmental monitoring applications. The humidity and temperature monitors entail the latest technology to incorporate an energy-efficient and safe environment for individuals.

Due to the adverse effects of global warming, top manufacturers like Beurer, Nest, and AcuRite have shifted their focus towards home-friendly room temperature and humidity meters.

The temperature and humidity monitors are now easily accessible online. No need to rush to the big manufacturers who make high-end monitors for industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, biomedical, microelectronics, HVAC, agriculture, and structural meteorology. The dual technology device determines if you need an air purifier or a humidifier for your home.

How do the humidity and temperature monitors work in your home?

Just like an air quality monitor, this device works by monitoring changes in the environment or in the air you’re breathing. A thin piece of metal oxide, sandwiched between two electrodes is enough to know if you should run the humidifier fan on full power.

Pick your favorite temperature and humidity sensor from Tejar.pk

Tejar.pk offers only the best yet easy-to-deploy temperature devices and humidity sensors online. If you want a 2-in-1 solution, we have monitors that use airflow technology to measure the humidity levels as well the temperature of the areas surrounding you.

However, you would need to pay a higher price for the smart temperature and humidity controllers in Pakistan as it sends alerts to your phone if the actual readings fall above or below the configurated settings.

The smart features allow you to detect cooling/heating system failures, and low temperatures to protect your plumbing system. On the other hand, we have sensors with a sleek design for indoor monitoring applications. Just place it anywhere, without making a clutter of devices in your home.

The high-precision models offer a long operation life and are compatible with weather stations and AC controllers. Moreover, the extended temperature range allows you to use it in extremely dry and cold areas.

The potential cost of upgrading to a smarter home is something to fret about. But you can always pick-and-choose the smart devices from Tejar.pk and customize your home automation kit. The air quality monitors, weather stations, temperature, and humidity devices are smart add-ons that make a big impact on your long-term energy consumption plan.