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Use smart monitors from to check air quality at home

The growing concern with the air quality has everyone worried about their health. And so, the market noticed a surge in the demand for air purifiers and pollution detection monitors. But the majority of people lack knowledge when it comes to choosing the right features in air quality monitors.

Improve your health with an air quality monitor

An air quality monitor calculates the particle pollution within the air. It is essential to keep the air quality in check, especially if you have chronic allergies. A typical air quality monitor has three or four meters to access volatile gases, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.

Should you buy an air quality monitor in Pakistan?

If you live in sparse areas where trash fires are common, it is high time you install an air quality monitor in your home. If you have a chronic lung illness or an underlying breathing issue, you need to keep a keen eye on the air quality.

Just like a temperature monitor, an air quality device helps to determine if you should go outside or stay inside for the time being. Apart from consulting a doctor for your underlying lung diseases, you should also take care of your health via smart devices like air purifiers, weather stations, smart thermostats, etc.

A smart air quality device identifies the percentile of particulate matter so you can relocate the humidifiers and air purifiers temporarily. Here are a few elements to consider before reading tech specs and product description of an air quality monitor:

Sensor accuracy

The main function of the device is to measure the pollutants in the air. Thus, the accuracy of the sensor is the first question that pops into a buyer’s mind. An accurate air quality sensor relies on resolution, calibration, and precision.

Apart from the price, research thoroughly about the sensor technology of air quality monitors in Pakistan. A monitor with a good range and deviation of less than 10% gives good performance for an average indoor environment.


If you need to use the air quality monitor in more than one environment, consider a device that is lightweight, portable, and compact. Look for a suitable monitor that keeps you protected from pollutants during car rides, workouts, outdoor activities, etc.

Easy set up

The air quality monitor must offer an intuitive design and smart display for a seamless experience. For additional convenience and control, you can also consider the device connectivity and response time.

The primary function of the air quality monitor is to provide accurate readings. has a wide range of smart monitors with additional features to identify potential causes of air pollution.