Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors products Price in Pakistan

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Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can always save you in the event of fire emergencies. Keeping them in working order is a budget-friendly and cost-effective measure to keep the fires at bay.

They are inexpensive, easy to set up, and offer a plethora of features. The newer models have built-in air quality monitors while others provide integrated communication with other detectors for whole-house fire protection. With such a system, all the wirelessly-connected detectors will activate together, in case a fire breaks out in the building.

Which type of smoke detector should you buy from

You can find all types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors online at – From interconnected smoke detection kits to combination fire detectors. The price of a standalone smoke detector in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to its combination counterpart because they can’t detect carbon monoxide leakage. In addition, combination detectors are equipped with temperature monitors to detect smoldering fires.

Here are the different types of smoke detectors that we recommend to our consumers for complete protection against carbon monoxide leakages and fires:

Dual-sensor smoke detectors

The dual sensor fire detectors equip photoelectric and ionization technology to detect smoldering and flaming fires. They seem fit for commercial spaces and save you from the hassle of installing two types of smoke detectors.

Photoelectric smoke detectors

The photoelectric smoke detectors are quite good at detecting smoldering fires. However, they aren’t as effective as ionization detectors in identifying quick-spreading flaming fires. They are suitable for kitchen areas as they are less prone to go off on the smoke of burnt food.

Ionization smoke detectors

The ionization smoke devices detect small particles of flaming fires. It is best to install them away from the bathrooms and kitchens because they are prone to false alarms.

Carbon monoxide detection devices

The CO detectors use sensors to identify the poisoning gas in your home. They show the detected CO level via digital displays. You can also turn on the audio messages to know the CO level from across the room. However, these devices do not detect natural gas, methane, propane, and other explosive gases.

Combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

The combination detectors incorporate both technologies to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning as well as fires. You can find conventional as well as Wi-Fi-enabled detectors online at The smart smoke detector uses a companion phone application to give you push notifications if the carbon monoxide level is high.

It is best to go for a smart detector that provides 2-in-1 protection for your entire home. These preventive measures make your home a safer place for your friends and family.