DJI E310 420S ESCs Price in Pakistan


Model: CP.EP.000040

Sku: 2YVXM56I8G

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Max Allowable Voltage: 17.4 V
  • Max Allowable Current (Persistent): 20 A
  • Max Allowable Peak Current (3 Seconds): 30 A
  • Signal Frequency: 30 ~ 450 Hz
  • Battery: 2S ~ 4S LiPo
  • Size: 74 x 32 x 10 mm
  • Cable Length: 420 mm
  • Weight (With Cable): 43 g
  • Weight (Without Cable): 30 g
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Revolutionary sine-wave drive architecture reduces power consumption and increases the efficiency of all maneuvers.

Integrated sensors and patented algorithms transmit real-time diagnostics of your propulsion system's status.

A bright multi-colored LED works as an effective direction and motor status indicator.

Duplex communication port allows easy firmware updates.

Build-in spark-proof circuitry offers enhanced protection when plugging in or unplugging the power source, extending the life of the ESCs and connectors.

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  • DJI E310 420S ESCs