WowWee Tipster

By: WowWee

Model: 0370


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  • Motions via single motor
  • Can move forward, backwards
  • Can spin
  • R/C remote with 3 buttons
  • Mode indicator switch/slider on right ear
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Tipster is a playful robot friend who loves to play with you, be silly, move around, spin, and most of all… tip! The toy enables kids to experiment with weights and balances, although the curriculum is not overt.

Additional button on left ear for starting games, etc. (Example… stack all the ladders/robots on him or remove them all before starting a game… then press the button when you’re ready to play)

Comes with cylinder that holds 5 ladders and 10 robots

2 wheels in front, 2 wheels in back

Knows when there is something on his right or left hand, and leans to side accordingly

Can stack on his head, but he won’t recognize it

When on cylinder, re-balances himself front to back

Has hinge in waist… parent/child can enable or disable it for easy/harder play

Eyes animate via LED display

In the Box

  • WowWee Tipster
  • Remote
  • Cylinder
  • 5 x ladders & 10 x mini-robots