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Model: Eye Tracker 5


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  • Operating distance: 45-95cm / 18-37”
  • Supported screen size area: 15″ to 27″ [16:9] or 30″ [21:9]
  • USB 2.0: 0.8m / 31.4” integrated cable + 1m / 39.3” extension cable
  • OS compatibility: Windows 10 (64-bit) RS3 or newer
  • System recommendations: 6th generation Intel Core (i3/i5/i7-6xxx) and later, or equivalent AMD 64 bit processor. Minimum 2GHz, 8GB RAM, and USB port.
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A revolutionary new way to be less hands-on in your favorite games. Pun intended.

Technology should provide compelling human experiences by tapping into our senses. That is what Tobii Eye Tracker 5 does, by letting your PC know where you are visually focused, providing you an extra input mode when it comes to gaming. Enriching your experience by extending your instincts into the game itself. All this made possible by illuminators and sensors that calculate your gaze point on your device’s screen.

Your head position in real-life translates to how you occupy the pilot seat and interact with the game world.

Tilt your head, lean forward and look around. Your eyes and head movements direct the in-game camera, instantly moving the screen to where you look. It’s like mouse-look just without the mouse. Track and follow targets naturally with line-of-sight and head movement across a much wider field of vision.

Your time on the road feels more meaningful, as suddenly what you look at matters to the game.

Use eye and head movement to look out the windshield, just like you would in real life, but from the comfort of your seat. Your head position in real-life, translates to how you occupy the drivers seat and allows you to effortlessly look around in all directions. VR-like immersion, but without the 9.5 pound gaming goggle helmet.

With Tobii Ghost, you can visually share with your fans what you’re looking at.

Use eye tracking in your streams or content to engage and give insights to your viewers. At all times, your viewers will always have the context to know what’s going on. Our Tobii Ghost broadcasting tool integrates natively with apps like OBS, and it’s accompanying Twitch Extention gives viewers control of their viewing experience.

We create technology that enables gamers to experience their favorite immersive games like never before.

It is part science and part art to optimize a game for eye tracking and head tracking, as you get to experience and control the game world differently. Every game is unique, built from available game design, art style, mechanics, technology and team, which is why we optimize PC games based on new releases and community requests for back-catalog titles.

Get in the game

Our technology makes your favorite games more immersive, now natural eye and head movements become an additional input layer alongside your mouse and keyboard, driving wheel or H.O.T.A.S.

Interact naturally

Monitors traditionally occupy just 18° of the 200-220° field of view humans have. Gaming with the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is like getting a bit of that lost peripheral vision back, it’s like mouse-look without the mouse.

Next generation tracking

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the only device capable of tracking both head and eye movements for game interaction and streaming. A revolutionary new way to interact with your favorite game, freeing your hands for other actions.

Engineered for gaming

We engineered our next generation of eye tracking technology with projectors, sensors, cameras and algorithms. Projectors emit near-infrared light and perform exceptionally well in varying light conditions.

Easy to install

Our new flex mount is designed to be universal. It’s adaptable to the overwhelming majority of flat and curved screens, as it can be mounted underneath your monitor, with included flat mounts for built-in screens.

In the Box

  • Tobii Eye Tracker 5 for PC Gaming
  • USB extension cable
  • Two magnetic flat mounts
  • One flex mount
  • How to get started