tado Extension Kit Smart Thermostat Wireless Receiver Price in Pakistan

By: tado

Model: 98342


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Uses the outside temperature and the location of the residents for energy-efficient heating control.
  • The Extension Kit allows your Smart Thermostat to be wirelessly connected to your heating system.
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The Extension Kit enables you to control your hot water. It is also needed to connect the tado° Smart Thermostat to your heating system if there is no room thermostat or if you have a wireless room thermostat. The Extension Kit works then as a wireless receiver for the heating system.

You can make your home even more comfortable by automating Geofencing and Open Window Detection with the Auto-Assist Skill.* The Auto-Assist Skill is available in the app for only US$2.99 per month, and can be cancelled at anytime.

These two Skills also work without Auto-Assist. You will simply be notified via push notifications to (de)activate the heating if the Skills are triggered.


The Extension Kit allows you to use your Smart Thermostat with heating systems that don’t have a thermostat or have a wireless thermostat.

In the Box

  • tado Extension Kit Smart Thermostat
  • connection cable
  • terminal block
  • Euroblock connectors
  • RAST 5 connectors
  • 2 screws for wall mounting
  • 2 anchors for wall mounting
  • labeling for cables