Sensibo AirQ Smart AC Controller - Single Kit Price in Pakistan

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  • Mobile AC Control: Control your air conditioner form anywhere with your mobile phone or desktop app.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with all major voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri)
  • Air Quality Monitor: Monitor your homes levels of CO2 & TVOC in your air and take action to protect yourself and loved ones.
  • Indoor Air Quality Score: Monitor indoor air quality levels from your phone and get alerted to rising levels of pollutants.
  • Powered by PureBoost: AirQ works PureBoost to activate your AC fan when air quality is poor in order to circulate air
  • Apple HomeKit Integration: Integrates seamlessly with Apple HomeKit for an optimal smart home experience.

Your home climate at your fingertips

Control your AC from anywhere & monitor indoor air quality

Control from anywhere

Control your air conditioner from anywhere. Monitor the temperature and humidity remotely

Turn it on/off, automatically

Turns on automatically before you arrive, turns off when the last person leaves using your phone's geo-location

Save money on energy bills

Using 7-day scheduling, geo-fencing and filter cleaning alerts, Sensibo saves energy and pays for itself

Works with Amazon Echo, Google Home & Apple HomeKit

Sensibo AirQ works with Amazon Echo Google Home & Apple HomeKit. Just one click to link the AirQ to your Amazon or Google assistant and you're set to go. Control the temperature or check your air quality with your voice.

Find out what's in your air.

Indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air

Stop CO₂ Induced Headaches & Fatigue

Know when to open a window to remove dangerous levels of CO₂

CO₂ is a natural byproduct of breathing. When we spend too much time in crowded or enclosed areas the level of CO₂ in the air rises, inducing a number of pesky side effects such as; headaches, fatigue, loss of focus and in serious cases fainting.

Get Notified When TVOC Levels are Rising

Volatile organic compounds carry a number of health risks

TVOC or total volatile organic compounds are found in everyday household products. From your hair spray and daily surface cleaner, to newly installed cabinets or carpets. Breathing these pollutants for long periods of time can be extremely harmful to you and your loved ones.

Powered by PureBoost

The AirQ communicates with other Sensibo devices when pollution is detected by activating your Shield protected AC fan or your Sensibo Pure air purifier to filter your air

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  • Sensibo AirQ Smart AC Controller