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Tough and Durable Office Chair Mat: With a size of 36 x 48 inches, our high quality chair mat is made of polycarbonate material that has outstanding durability, perfect for long-term use. It also offers thermal resistance up to 275°F making it an ideal match for underfloor heating. This can last approximately up to 5 to 10 years and can withstand up to 550 lbs pressure. Crack and break resistant, it is 60% stronger and harder than PVC chair mats.

Anti-Static and Protects Different Types of Flooring: Our polycarbonate floor protector offers good insulation, making it anti-static. Easy glide with a smooth underside, our mat protects floors against harsh scuffs and scratches that desk chair wheels can cause. Ideal for use on various flooring types such as hardwood, resin, tile, linoleum, laminate, concrete and other hard floor surfaces.

Kid and Pet Safe Floor Accessory: Glossy and clear as glass, our wood protector mat still shows the real color of your floor. It is safe for both children and pets as it is free of toxic chemicals including PVC, BPA, and phthalate.

Suitable for Multiple Scenarios: Yes, our protective pad is meant to protect your floor from chair casters, but it has other uses. It is so versatile that you can put your favorite indoor plants and ornaments on it, even your painting stand to prevent floor stains and marks. It can also be used as a dog feeding mat to keep your floor clean and dry.

Ships Flat and Easy to Clean: Our rectangular office chair mat ships in a flat box to prevent curling. No need to unroll! It lays flat instantly and remains flat while in use. Since our mat has a smooth surface, it allows hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Just wipe with a clean and damp soft cloth, then dry. Cleaning can also be done with a mild detergent.

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