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Ray Super Remote

By: Ray

Model: RC00101BK


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  • The ultimate touchscreen universal remote control. Tap, swipe, and discover the future of TV.
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The only remote you need.

Ray replaces your jumble of old remotes in one intelligent package. With Ray, a simple tap seamlessly switches between any of your entertainment devices. Controlling and managing your entertainment setup has never been this easy.

The fastest universal remote control setup.

Connect Ray to your equipment in minutes.

No computer or cables needed for setup.

Our guided setup means anyone can easily set up Ray.

Always find something great to watch.

Leveraging a powerful recommendation engine, Ray learns what you like and helps you find what to watch.

Search for any show or channel.

Easy search and access to all your favorites. It's just one tap to switch between all your favorites.

Tune into apps

Fall in love with new shows, and more of what you already watch with Ray’s expanding family of apps.