PowerUp Spare Props for PowerUp 4.0 and 2.0 Price in Pakistan

By: PowerUp

Model: 500-050prop


PKR 8,399

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  • Bluetooth enabled: range of 240 ft /73 metres
  • Smartphone controlled: download the POWERUP 4.0 app for iOS or Android
  • Speed: up to 20mph (or 9m/sec)
  • Flight time: up to 10 minutes of flight time
  • Battery: 150 lipo quick charge - easy to replace
  • Charging time:25-30 minutes for a full charge
  • Works with: the 4.0 can support paper planes, light balsa wood plane or foam models
  • Smart: the onboard flight computer, autopilot and gyro accelerometer prevent nosedives and reduce choppiness
  • Two high-speed motors: more thrust, extra maneuverability and sharper turns
  • Flight analytics: see heading, thrust levels and turn angles in real time and use data to improve
  • Data-powered flight improvements: get personalized in-app suggestions based on past performance

Turn any paper plane into a powered, remote-controlled flying machine

Use the in-app controls to loop, barrel roll and hammerhead with ease. Or hit Acro mode and enjoy your own private airshow.

POWERUP almost anything. Create and test new designs from paper, light balsa wood or foam.

Fly even when the weather isn’t perfect. Pit your skills (and our onboard computer) against unpredictable elements.

Durable carbon-fiber construction means you can enjoy peace of mind while flying.

Nylon reinforced nose and motor mount designed to withstand unexpected impacts without breaking.

Doesn’t require a license to operate or registration with the FAA

In the Box

  • 10Xright hand propellers (CW)
  • 10X left hand propellers (CCW)