PowerUp F22 Raptor Add-On for 4.0 Price in Pakistan

By: PowerUp

Model: 500-050FT1

Sku: E745U5K2UH

Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • Designed for slow and easy flying with POWERUP 4.0 AIRPLANE (not included)
  • Simple to fly with autopilot & gyro stabilizer
  • Perfect for flight lovers, DIY & crafting enthusiasts
  • Lasercut 3/16" white Maker Foam sheet
  • Very easy to build within minutes, all you will need is a standard hot glue gun
  • Designed by Josh Bixler from FliteTest
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Now your PowerUp 4.0 can fly faster and farther than ever with this F22 Raptor add-on! With these realistic aviation-inspired wing attachments, you'll feel like a real fighter pilot.

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  • PowerUp F22 Raptor Add-On for 4.0