Mad Catz EGO Arcade Fight Stick Price in Pakistan

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Model: GAPCCAINBL000-0

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  • Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Before connecting to your console, you need to plug the controller in EGO Arcade Stick to pair with the fight stick and activate the function
  • Press buttons A and X simultaneously and then plug USB port into Switch
  • Connection: Wired, USB 2.0, Type A
  • Cable Length: Device Cable 3M / Controller Cable 1M
  • Buttons: 8
  • D-Pad: Configuring Joystick as D-pad
  • Thumb Stick: Joystick

Born to Fight

With zero margin for error, professional gamers need a controller they can rely on. Continuing the Mad Catz legendary name in the Fighting Game Community, the EGO Arcade FightStick is built to withstand the toughest of tournament play delivering reliable arcade grade timing and performance every time. Delivering speed, accuracy and precision in a way that a regular game controller could never hope to achieve, the EGO has been engineered to win.

Premium Components

Mad Catz understand that the only way to achieve arcade performance is to bring the arcade home. Used in arcade machines worldwide, Sanwa Denshi is the most respected name in arcade controls and the EGO uses the same components featured in genuine arcades. The Sanwa Denshi 8-way ball-top joystick and action buttons look, feel and react just as they do in the arcades, delivering unrivalled accuracy and timing. When winning is everything, why settle for less?

Key Lock

Step forward with confidence, focusing on your fight and not accidental button presses. A quick flick of a switch disables the pause button and has been designed in compliance with tournament rules.


Designed to reduce fatigue, the Turbo function adds rapid fire to an action button of your choice. By hitting a button once, the game will register 10 rapid fire reactions.

Additional Buttons

Two additional buttons are accessible for gamers to program as they wish. Execute a command of choice or use as a hotkey; more choice means more ways to win.

Stick Mode Switch

Configure the ball-top joystick to replicate the controller left or right thumbstick or the D-Pad bringing even greater compatibility to fighting games old and new.

One Stick, Multiple Formats

Competitive gamers tend to have access to multiple gaming formats. With incredible tittles to enjoy across a range of formats, the EGO Arcade FightStick offers full compatibility across a wide range of formats including PS4, Xbox One,Switch, and PC and has been designed to make switching between formats a breeze. Engineered for confidence, the EGO is built to last with wide dimensions and a strong metal base, combined with non-slip foam so your FightStick stays where you want it. Equally at home on a desk or on the lap and comfortable enough for sustained competitive play.

*Please download the firmware package to your PC and connect your EGO Arcade Stick, then upgrade your EGO Arcade Stick to the latest version before using Xbox controller

Build Your Own Style

The removable top panel and bottom of EGO Arcade Stick allow you to create unique art skin and give you access to updates, swaps, and all the eccentric mods that you can fully customize your own fighting gear!

Here Comes A New Challenger! The Mad Catz EGO Arcade FightStick marks a triumphant return to the world of fighting game controllers with an all-new design and the same legendary commitment to quality. Once again using genuine Sanwa Denshi arcade components, the 'Vewlix style' chassis with accurate arcade spacing between the 8 action buttons will have any fighting game fan dominating the competition.

Born for customization, the mod-friendly design allows gamers to make-their-mark on the controller, with easy access to customize the top panel, arcade joystick and action buttons.

The first multi-format Arcade FightStick from Mad Catz, the EGO is fully compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Ideal for all popular fighting games, the Mad Catz EGO Arcade Stick is the return of a legend!

Premium Arcade Grade Components: 8-way tournament-grade Sanwa Denshi ball-top joystick and action buttons

Universal Compatibility - cross-platform compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Mod-Friendly Design – Easy to access engineering allows users to swap top panel decal and internal components

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