DJI WooKong-M Price in Pakistan


Model: CP.WK.000018

Sku: AGI60A8H76

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Advanced Stabilization Controller for Multi-Rotor Platforms (S900/S1000+)
  • Supports 9 Different Multi-Rotor Configurations and Features a Customized Motor Mixer
  • Precise GPS for Position and Altitude Stabilization
  • Multiple Flight Control Modes and Intelligent Switching
  • Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) and Point of Interest (POI)
  • Supports General, PPM, and S-Bus Receivers
  • Enhanced Failsafe Features, Including Auto Return-to-Home
  • Single Motor Failure Protection
  • Two Levels of Low Voltage Protection and Auto Return-to-Home
  • Built-In Motor Arm/Disarm Mode
  • Compatible with DJI Video Downlink, iOSD, Ground Station, Zenmuse Gimbals, and Future Products
  • New Assistant Software for Smartphone
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The WooKong-M flight controller is a comprehensive control system for multi-rotors, including platforms that are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Unlike many other flight controllers, the WooKong-M is compatible with the ESCs that are commonly used in RC helicopters and can therefore be installed without any complex wiring modifications. Heli-mode provides a seamless transition for current Ace One aerial photography professionals. The WooKong-M is built using high quality, precisely calibrated components and features integrated temperature compensation mechanisms in all gyros and sensors. It also features a flight control algorithm is renowned throughout UAV world.

In the Box

  • DJI WooKong-M Flight Control System for Multi-Rotor UAVs
  • MC for WooKong-M Flight Control System
  • GPS/Compass Module for WooKong-M Flight Control System
  • PMU for WooKong-M Flight Control System
  • IMU for WooKong-M Flight Control System
  • LED Indicator for WooKong-M Flight Control System
  • GPS Bracket for WooKong-M Flight Control System