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DJI S900 & S1000 Series Propeller Pack (8)


Model: DJI S900 & S1000 Series Propeller Pack (8)


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  • Four Clockwise (CW) Props
  • Four Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Props
  • For Spreading Wings S1000 Octocopter
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Compatible with the S900 and S1000 series. Includes four pairs of clockwise-rotating propellers, four pairs of counterclockwise-rotating propellers.

Made from high strength performance engineered plastics.

The Premium Propeller Pack for S1000 Octocopter from DJI contains a complete set of eight - four clockwise (CW) and four counter-clockwise (CCW) propellers. Even-numbered motors turn clockwise and odd-numbered motors counter-clockwise. To determine whether to mount a CW or CCW prop, refer to the marking found at the end of each fame arm. It is very important the props are installed correctly to ensure the aircraft will be stable in the air.

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  • DJI S900 & S1000 Series Propeller Pack (8)