DJI S1000+ - Complete Arm (CW-RED) Price in Pakistan


Model: CP.SB.000158


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Frame Arm, ESC, Motor, and Props
  • Red LED and CW Prop Rotation
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Complete arm for the S1000+ with clockwise motor and red markings. Do not use with counter-clockwise motors.

Tighten the screws on the arm, making sure they are securely fastened.

Ensure that the positive and negative poles of the cables are properly connected. After mounting, check the propellers’ rotation direction.

The DJI Complete Frame Arm for S1000 includes the frame arm, ESC, motor, props, and intermediate assembly hardware. There are four versions of the prop arm - depending on the stripe color (red or black), prop rotation (CW/CCW), and the ESC LED color (red/green). When replacing, it is crucial to select the exact same version of the prop arm as the original. This version features the red stripped arm, has a red ESC LED, and features clockwise (CW) prop rotation.

The red, clockwise (CW) Frame Arm for S1000 from DJI is an extension positioned between the main airframe the prop motor. When replacing the arm it is vital to use the same joint color and prop rotation designation (CW/CCW) as the original. The prop arms with red joints are the two that face toward the "nose", while those with black joints face the sides and tail.

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  • DJI S1000+ - Complete Arm (CW-RED)