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DJI E1200 Standard Tuned Propulsion System


Model: CP.EP.000047


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  • Flight time extended by nearly 30%
  • Max take-off weight increased by 1.8-2.4 kg
  • Operating temperatures up to 60˚C
  • Altitude limit increased by 2000 m
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The E1200 is a fine-tuned propulsion system designed for multi-rotors weighing 7-15kg (15-33 pounds). This kit allows you to upgrade or build a flight system of your choice.

With an enhanced efficiency, safety and reliability under extreme conditions, the E1200 unlocks many possibilities for professional aerial photographers and enthusiasts.

The Standard version includes the 4216 motor, 40A smart ESCs, and 17-inch ultra-carbon folding propellers.

Unlike the highly-integrated E1200 Pro version, the E1200 Standard version’s components are separated, giving you the flexibility and freedom to work with a much wider range of frames.

17-Inch Ultra-Carbon Folding Propellers

One of the largest of the Z-Blade series, these 17-inch propellers boost both efficiency and thrust.

An advanced ultra-carbon fiber composite provides the rigidity of metal propellers, but at a lower weight.

The classic folding design protects your propellers during transportation and use simple and efficient.

Improved Motor Cooling

To increase the lifetime and reliability of your motors, a built-in centrifugal fan actively cools each one.

The grid-shaped structure along the top allows efficient ventilation while keeping dust and other debris out.

The rib-designed base enlarges the heat dissipation area by 200-300%, greatly enhancing the passive cooling power of the system.

Next Generation Smart ESCs

The sine-wave drive ESCs increase power efficiency by capturing energy produced during deceleration.

They constantly gather and transmit diagnostic information on the status of your propulsion system in real-time.

Active braking provides a better dynamic response.

Breaking Limits

When compared the 4114 motors with 15-inch propellers, the E1200 Standard can increase flight time by nearly 30% at the same takeoff weight.

With greater thrust, the maximum takeoff weight can be increased by 1.8-2.4kg (when used on 6-8 axes).

With greater thrust, the maximum takeoff weight can be increased by 1.8-2.4kg (when used on 6-8 axes).

* Your results may vary depending on environmental conditions and other factors.