DJI E1200 Pro 4216 Motor CW Price in Pakistan


Model: CP.EP.000068


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Stator Size: 42x16 mm
  • KV: 310 rpm/V
  • Weight: 205 g
  • 4216 Motor CW x1
  • Screws for Motor Base Mount (M3×12 hexagon)
  • Soft Dampers
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The 4216 Motor for E1200 Tuned Propulsion System from DJI is designed to provide better performance than many alternative motors that might be compatible. It is part of the DJI E1200 Tuned Propulsion System, and a such requires the props and ESCs that go with this system (available separately). There are two versions of the motor: a clockwise (CW) version and a counterclockwise (CCW) version. This model is the clockwise and counterclockwise (CW) version. Please consult the manual for your aircraft to determine which rotational direction installs over which prop arm. Incorrect installation will lead to unstable flight, and may cause the aircraft to crash.

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  • DJI E1200 Pro 4216 Motor CW