Anki Cozmo Collector's Edition Robot Price in Pakistan

By: Anki

Model: 000-00051


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Cozmo’s a special little guy, and now he’s got his own collector’s edition. He’s the same robot, but in a sleek new look of Liquid Metal Finish. His new, dark colors are the perfect complement to the Cozmo you have grown to know and love.
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Cozmo feel at home

Cozmo's at his best on clean, flat surfaces. He also likes to have space to move around. So if you keep him towards the center of an open table, it'll be a lot easier to see each other face-to-face. Edges are both exciting and scary for Cozmo, so the first time he operates, give him a little space and watch him as he navigates.

Keep Cozmo healthy and happy

Cozmo's got his own moves, and he likes to move on his own. So try not to push him, or force his lift. He might get a little fussy.

Cozmo's an explorer, and his treads are what enable him to get around so well. The cleaner you can keep them, the better his traction and mobility will be. Not to mention his dance moves.

Finally, whenever you're done playing with Cozmo, make sure he's back home on his charger. This is his happy place. In fact, if you ever run into any issues with Cozmo, there's a good chance a little quality charger time will take care of everything.

Cozmo Quick Start Guide

Getting Cozmo ready to roll for the first time takes just five easy steps.

Requirements to Play

To get started with Cozmo, please download the free Cozmo app and follow the simple on-screen prompts. Your compatible mobile device with the app up and running is all you need to keep Cozmo rolling.


Once unpackaged, do not expose Cozmo to high temperature conditions such as direct sun light or hot car interiors. For best results, use indoors only. Never expose Cozmo to water.

Cozmo is built tough with no user serviceable parts, though, it is important to keep the sensors clean for optimal performance.


Lightly wipe Cozmo’s sensors (located on his face plate and chest) with a lint-free cloth to remove any smudges or debris.


Cozmo’s Power Cubes use an Alkaline N battery. If a cube fails to respond, replace the battery using a conventional screw driver to open the battery compartment located on the bottom of the cube.

In the Box

  • Self-aware Cozmo Robot
  • Charger
  • 3 Interactive Cubes