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  • Accurately measures your baby's weight, even when he is restless on the scale (0.4 ounce increments)
  • Converts from a baby to a toddler scale, track your child's growth up to 55 pounds by removing the cradle
  • Free Withings Baby Companion iOS app to visualize growth charts and log nutrition information
  • Automatically syncs readings with your personal account in Wi-Fi or bluetooth
  • Allows tracking of several babies or toddlers (including twins) with automatic recognition
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Monitor the most significant data

Establishing a growth chart is one of the few objective ways to assess a baby's health. It also enables early stage detection of any obesity or undernutrition problem.

Ultraprecise readings

With its specific LY12 aluminium load cells and 10g graduation, the Smart Kid Scale offers the highest accuracy for weights up to 55 lb (25kg).

Position Control

To avoid any mismeasurement, all our scales are equipped with Position Control, a patented technology that warns you if baby is fidgeting too much.

Withings' Smart Kid Scale offers a new way to accurately monitor your baby's growth. This Wi Fi and Bluetooth enabled scale measures a baby's weight by 0.4 ounce increments so that you confidently know where your child stands. Readings automatically synchronize with the Withings Baby Companion iOS app which displays your child's growth charts and let you log your baby's bottles and breastfeeding. The app also helps you compare his weight with the typical weight of babies of the same gender and age. The Withings Smart Kid Scale converts from a baby to a toddler scale thanks to its removable baby cradle. You therefore use it to track your child's growth up to 55 pounds. The scale is easily setup from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the Withings baby companion app. It allows tracking of multiple babies and toddlers (including twins) with automatic recognition.

In the Box

  • Withings Smart Kid Scale
  • Baby Cradle
  • 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries