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Smart digital vs. analog weighing scale – Which one should you buy?

Every person is the writer of his well-being. Improving your health and living an active life is not a trend anymore. Individuals are genuinely conscious when it comes to exercising regularly, eating healthy food, and practicing meditation.

To maintain quality health, you need to work on your habits daily. It is not something you can purchase from a market. However, you can buy health care accessories such as a weight scale machine. Weighing yourself is the start to deciding if you want to gain or lose weight.

With time and advancement, weight scale machines have transformed. As of now, they are packed with smart features to measure your body’s composition for effective weight loss. But health enthusiasts are still ambiguous as to what to pick: Analog or a digital weight scale?

Feature comparison

Let’s compare both types on the features and see which one wins:

Precision /accuracy

Looking for accurate weight measurement? Then, you must go with a digital scale as it has a reputation for displaying precise digits to the second decimal point. Regardless of the price, digital weight scales in Pakistan are considered more reliable than ancient analog weighing scales.

As a mechanical factor is involved in analog weight scales, the digits it shows fluctuate greatly. Therefore, you can go with the digital counterpart and trust the numbers blindly.

Weight holding capacity

The ability to carry weight is the most important factor out there to look for. Regardless of the build and price of weight scales in Pakistan, both types have weight limitations.

Analog weighing scales can hold 120 kgs while digital ones have the capacity to carry 150 kgs.


A conventional display system is what you would get with an analog weighing scale. Its function is quite simple: a needle that points towards a number. On the contrary, digital weighing scales equip LCD screens with built-in memory for precise and accurate display. Just look down at the scale and note the numbers rather than staring at the needle for deducing your accurate weight.

Advanced features

Modern digital scales are packed with smart sensors and advanced technological features. They calculate other metrics, such as your BMI, water weight, etc. The advanced features help to change your diet or workout routine for quick results. Moreover, the smart scales are designed to be incredibly lightweight and attractive.

The performance of analog weight scales declines which affects their precision and accuracy as well. If you want a long-term solution that comes with advanced built-in features and minimum cost, go for a smart digital weight scale. Find the latest models on and track your fat percentage, water weight, and BMI every morning.