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  • Transform your posture, eliminate pain and build healthy habits that last
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Style and comfort in one

The Upright Necklace is a convenient and flexible alternative to adhesives. It clicks right into your GO 2 device for a secure, stylish and comfortable fit around your neck.

Hypoallergenic and durable

Wear your posture trainer directly on your back. Made from medical grade silicone, these light, hypoallergenic Adhesives secure your device in place and won’t leave marks on your back. Included with the GO 2.

46% Improved sitting discomfort

Upright is clinically validated by 4 published studies that demonstrate its effectiveness on pain reduction and overall health.

54% Pain reduction

Upright is recommended by more than 500 clinics worldwide. Over 57,000 users reported a 54% or more reduction in back pain.

86% Posture improvement

Poor posture can lead to increase in back pain and changes in spinal alignment. Self-confidence and self-esteem are affected by poor posture and contribute to lower energy levels.

Advanced biofeedback sensors

The science behind Upright. These built-in sensors detect your posture in real-time and give you the feedback you need to correct your posture. GO 2 includes two built in sensors with gyroscope for more precise training and accuracy. Use while sitting, walking and physical activity

Daily training intensity setups

Set your preferred training intensity according to your mood, health and daily activity

Auto App syncing

Automatically stores and syncs your detailed posture activity for 30 days. Simply reconnect to the app, and all of your data will load to your dashboard.

Feedback plans

Customize the vibration settings (type and intensity) according to your posture training needs with 9 feedback plans.

Battery & Power

Up to 12 days of training. With longer battery life, you can improve your posture for longer periods without needing to stop for a charge. *based on the recommended 3 hours of training per day

Auto Calibration

During each use, Upright Go 2 recognizes your current body posture and automatically calibrates and adapts itself for optimal training


Immune to sweat, rain and water splashes

In the Box

  • Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer
  • UPRIGHT Necklace
  • Palm Rest
  • Hard travel case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 10 Adhesives