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Best Posture Correction Device Online – Lumo Lift Review

If you find a posture corrector belt uncomfortable, Lumo has an option that you might want to consider. Unlike a belt with hard braces, this device gives instant feedback whenever you start slouching. The constant self-awareness allows you to improve your posture and get rid of the slouchy back.

The Lumo Lift can be used anywhere- in your office, at your home or while commuting. It uses vibrations to break the habits that lead to a slouchy back and constant back pain. If not looked after, long-term pain might lead to breathing issues and spontaneous mood swings.

How Do You Wear Lumo Lift?

The Lumo Lift posture corrector is quite compact and equipped with a magnetic clasp. You can attach the square shape magnetic clasp to your clothes and let the device do its job. Just turn the tracker on and keep a straight back throughout the day. The device measures angle displacements and detects body motions to see if you are maintaining a good posture.

Is Lumo Lift Worth the Price?

Lumo was founded in 2011 by Monisha Perkash after she identified a huge number of people facing back problems in the USA. Breaking the bad posture habits using Lumo Lift could be the way to make a big change in your lifestyle.

The highly-sensitive posture corrector by Lumo gives a tech-tailored experience and reminds you to keep your back straight during the day.

What Are the Benefits of a Posture Correction Device?

Is it worth having a vibrating magnetic clasp that gives a buzz every time you slouch? Definitely! Here are some benefits of a posture correction device to start with:

Decreased Back Pain (h4)

While there can be many reasons behind back pain, bad posture remains prevalent. The Lumo Lift is recommended for people who suffer from recurrent back pain due to spinal misalignments.

Improved Circulation (h4)

The upright posture is ideal to improve blood circulation in your body. The Lumo Lift posture correction device encourages you to keep a good posture and hence, improve circulation.

Better Body Balance and Breathing (h4)

Body balance is all about weight distribution; an aspect we usually compromise by keeping a slouchy posture. A hunched back activates extra muscles that should not be tensed all day long. The Lumo Lift posture correction device aims to correct your body balance using vibration feedback.

Similarly, your airways might also collapse due to a bad body posture. If you snore at night and want to get rid of changing positions all night long, try this posture correction device by Lumo.

Should You Buy Lumo Lift?

If your goal is to break the bad posture habits, then Lumo Lift is definitely worth the buy. Before adding this item in your cart, make sure that your smartphone is compatible with Lumo’s application. has all types of health monitoring and breath analysis devices to maintain optimal health.