Panono 360° Camera Price in Pakistan

By: Panono

Model: PAN000241

Sku: X8L76PHR3Z

PKR 522,499

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  • Cameras: 36 fixed-focus cameras
  • Resolution : 108 megapixels
  • Panono app : iOS 7+ and Android 4.2+
  • Charging : via USB cable
  • Storage capacity : 16 GB, approximately 600 Panono shots
  • Connection : WiFi
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The 36 single images are automatically put together and saved in the Panono cloud. They are accessible from any location and can be viewed online or shared with other users. There is no additional software needed. All your pictures are of course password-protected and pre-set to completely private.

Download the image files

One click – 36 images. The 36 individual cameras simultaneously take a picture. The 36 individual images are stored in the internal camera memory. Via WLAN you can view the images directly on your mobile device and download image data from the camera.

Upload to the cloud and stitching

Through your smartphone or tablet you can upload the image data into your personal Panono cloud account. The single images are automatically put together within a few minutes (stitching).

View and share panoramas

The completed panoramas are stored via a separate URL. Through the Panono app or the browser, they can be viewed, managed and embedded into a website or shared through social media with just a few clicks.

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