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Be it wireless hidden cameras, or camera that help you record some of your happiest moments, we have them all. Most of our camcorders are compatible with tablets, including Samsung tablets and accessories. These include traditional camcorders with beautiful and natural skin tones for everyone with three capsule mics, 57x advanced zoom and super range OIS, outstanding autofocus abilities, super-range optical image stabilization, high-capacity battery packs, 4K and HDR capacity, and versatile professional profiles to pick and choose from.The range widens into professional camcorders with 6K features, HDR images, incredible low light performance, EF lens mounts, built-in microphones, and more. Moreover, the range offers products with 4K UHD 30p recordings, optical zoom lenses, intelligent 5-axis Image Stabilization, DV 6 Image Processes, 8-bladed circular aperture, 1.0-inch 4k UHD CMOS Image Sensor, Wide DR Gamma and much more. The range also has a variety of hidden cameras. These have 30Hrs of recording which gives you the answers you need with motion activation, high-definition recording, microSD support, 4K Ultra HD viewing which remains perfect for long distance viewing. They also have multiple recording modes, and are completely covert. Buy from our range of camcorders and hidden cameras and accessories now!