Homey Pro Smart Home Controller Price in Pakistan

By: Homey

Model: 8717953223463

Sku: VCFJ92XH95

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Requirements: Wi-Fi connection with Internet. Smartphone with iOS 11+ or Android 5+
  • Supported devices: More than 50,000 devices from over 1,000 brands.
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi (b/g/n) 2.4 GHz • Bluetooth LE (4.0) • Zigbee • Z-Wave Plus • 433 MHz • 868 MHz • Infrared
  • Audio: Internal speaker • 3.5mm Jack Output
  • Power: Input: 100 - 240V • Output: 5V - 2A
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A Better Smart Home.

Control, automate and monitor your entire smart home with Homey.

Your entire smart home in one place.

Access Homey from anywhere in the world and control all your devices from one central place.

Pair and Play.

Homey automatically detects most of your devices at home. Simply search for your brand, press a button or two — and you're ready to play.

Your home. Your rules.

Flows are your superpower to automate your entire home. Simply mix and match the right Flow cards to create something new.

There’s a Flow card for that.

Every device and app adds new Flow cards to the mix. All it takes to automate your home is selecting the right cards for your use case.

Extend Homey by installing apps.

Apps can be installed on Homey, just like you do on a smartphone.

Every brand has its own app.

Apps teach Homey how to talk to the devices of that brand. Apps also add Flow cards for new functionality.

Find all apps in the Homey App Store

The Homey App Store offers apps for all the brands you love. Not only for your smart home devices, but also services like Twitter and Discord.

Save energy without changing habits.

With Homey's detailed energy monitoring, you can save money on your electricity bill and live more sustainably in one go. Combine with Flow to automatically turn off all devices when the last person left the house.


Homey knows in realtime when a device is turned on and off. When it also knows the device's standby- and on-usage, Homey can approximate the energy usage through interpolation.

Never run out of batteries again.

All battery-powered devices are listed with their realtime status and battery model in the Homey app. Automatically get notified when your device almost runs out of batteries, and know which ones to get.

In the Box

  • Homey Pro Smart Home Controller
  • Power Adapter
  • USB cable (1.5m USB A to Mini-USB B)