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The best smart speakers and displays of 2022

Smart display devices are popular among tech enthusiasts and for good reasons. In addition to voice-controlled smart speakers, you can see the information on the display. The screen does not only show the answer to your question but also provides additional information for further assistance.

They have all the features and capabilities of a smart speaker. However, the price of a smart display speaker in Pakistan depends on the model, the size of the display, and additional features, such as a built-in camera.

Here are the top picks and best-selling display speakers from our list of smart home accessories:

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max, an all-rounder smart device has a 10-inch display with an unobstructed design. It is equipped with a camera for video calls and good quality speakers. You can use a variety of non-Google and Google Duo applications like Zoom.

The camera uses facial recognition to display confidential information pertaining to each individual in the house. It is an advanced device with a sleep sensing feature to track your sleeping cycle and integrates easily with compatible home automation systems.

Furthermore, it supports various gestures, such as pausing or resuming a video, playing, and other hand movements. Overall, it is a great device with an intuitive design for all family members.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The highlight of this device is its rotating display that can move wherever you go in the room. This way, the screen will always be within your gaze. Whether you’re watching a video, on a call, or following a recipe, the screen would always be in your sight.

Always be the center of the frame with the 13 MP camera and a display that can zoom and pan during the video calls. The built-in microphones in the display are quite responsive and quick to switch on Alexa. You can also integrate it with your smart home kit to give instructions to Alexa while roaming around the house.

While third-party application support is missing in the device, you can still stream your favorite movies and shows on Netflix. If you are keen on making video calls and watching recipes, the Amazon Echo Show 10 definitely deserves a spot in your house.

If you are looking for a smart display speaker for your automated home, browse the listings and buy the best one as per your requirements.