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The benefits of air purifiers with HEPA filter

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a common component of purifiers and humidifiers. They trap the dust particles, mold spores, pet dander, and other toxic molecules present in the air to improve your home’s environment. However, a lot of people have misconceptions about the HEPA standards.

If you’ve landed here while browsing for air purifier filter prices in Pakistan, take a look at why you should go with HEPA air filters this time.

Is a HEPA filter good for the air purifier in your home?

The HEPA air filters are made of tangled fiberglass threads, folded into pleats to increase the lifespan and the surface area. Whenever the air flows through the fibers, the HEPA filters trap the harmful particles. It is quite effective in removing large particulate matter such as dust mites, pet dander, dust particles, and mold spores.

A HEPA filter air purifier is essential in improving indoor air quality. While the filter has a few shortcomings, you could always interchange the air purifiers with alternatives like humidity monitors and controllers. If you want to clear out volatile organic compounds from the air, use a humidifier that retains 60 percent moisture.

Which type of filter technology should you go for?

Although HEPA filters are very effective in removing air contaminants, they could use a little help to enhance the filtration. Here are the two important technologies to look for when buying air purifier parts and accessories from

Electrostatic precipitators

As the name suggests, the filters with electrostatic precipitators use charge to trap the small airborne particles in the air. After pulling in air, the filter uses static cling to trap dust particles. As the filter gives off ozone when activated, it is feasible for industrial and commercial applications.

Ultraviolet light exposure

To enhance the overall performance of your air purifier, use HEPA filters with UV light exposure technology. This technology is effective for residential environments and guarantees improvement in air quality.

While the filter traps large airborne particles, this technology works to burn organic matter, such as viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and mold spores.

Purchase your air purifier accessories online from

If your air purifier needs a performance boost, browse the imported accessories listed above and explore which parts seem fit for the model you own. Upgrade your air purifier and breathe clean and healthy air from today!