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Are you looking for the best professional video equipment and secret video recorders? You are in the right place. Our range of professional video recorders includes products that offer for you to capture from broadcast decks to SD and H.264 files, has professional encoding with the highest quality video capture and maximum flexibility. They also allow maximum archived footage to be preserved with and without SSD Hard Drives. Furthermore, the products have AtomX SDI and video monitoring. We also have streamers with top class broadcast quality inputs and encoding with 4G LTE USB Modem amongst other compatibilities. They can be charged with reliable batteries, with compact and portable all-in-one live production switcher. Our video switchers are portable, compact and provide HD viewing with HDMI inputs where both progressive and interlace signals can be input allowing for both 1080i and 1080p signals to be used at the same time. Video signals input from a PC are accurately displayed thanks to progressive signal processing. HDCP is supported for input of copy protected content from devices such as Blu-ray disc players. Audio mixing is also part of the many features. Get your hands on them now!