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Model: Q1300


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  • Sensor: AVAGO A3050 Gaming Engine
  • Resolution: 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI
  • Image Processing: 2.41M Pixels/sec
  • Frame Speed: 6,666 fps
  • Acceleration: 20 g
  • Tracking Speed: 60 ips
  • Report Rate: 500 Hz/sec
  • Key Response: 1 ms
  • Button Lifetime: 10 Million Clicks
  • Metal X' Glide Armor Boot: 300 Kms
  • Gaming Keycaps: W / A / S / D
  • Backlit: Neon or Red
  • Water-Resistant: Double Secured
  • Space-Bar: Screw Enhanced
  • Connector: USB
  • Cable Length: 1.8m
  • System Requirements: Windows XP / Vista7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
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Allows multiple keys to work simultaneously at high speed. A feature packed gaming keyboard for any online gaming genre.

Adjustable Backlights

Lighting Effects: FN + F12 ( Solid / Breathing / Off )Brightness: FN +

1000 Hz Report Rate

1000 Hz full report rate provides faster and timely feedback.

Multimedia Hot-Keys

Press FN+F1~F7 to apply multimedia hotkeys. Mute, volume - / +, play / pause, stop, previous / next track.

Anti-Slippery Keyboard Lift

Anti-slippery silicon lift prevents keyboard from moving or vibrating during game session.

Screw Enhanced Space-Bar

Dual screws + dual springs + balancing bar equals to stronger durability.

3200 CPI Adjustable

Adjustable resolution 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI.

2 Thumb Side Buttons

The 4th and 5th thumb side buttons are preset as backward and forward functions. In game-play, it will be the functions of the game settings.

3 Neon Lighting Effects

One click to switch between 3 kinds of lighting effects of mouse ( Neon/ Breathing/ Solid ) for personal preference.

Game Mode

Press Fn+F8 will disable "Window" keys to avoid interruption during the game session.


Bloody's Ultimate Gaming Gear provide an advance technology paired with precision, providing the advantage to conquer with confidence.

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  • Bloody Q1300 Illuminate Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo