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  • Natural Sound
  • Rugged Construction
  • Sound Channeling Technology
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The beyerdynamic Touring Gear is a complete series of live microphones that is delighting fans on stages across the globe. It’s the perfect complement to the legendary M series models such as the M 88 or the M 160, which have earned their reputation as classics.

Discover the key to unforgettable performances: The Touring Gear series.


The series offers microphones spanning the vocal, headsets, lavalier, drums and instrument fields of application. The name of each microphone contains the first letter of the relevant application. Whether for vocals or instruments, the Touring Gear series has the right microphone for everyone. TG, for Touring Gear, follows the letter that indicates the field of application – V for vocal, H for headset, L for lavalier, D for drums and I for instruments.


From beginner to professional – the series contains perfect microphones for everybody.

The Categories start with the TG 30 Series for the beginners and goes up to the TG 90 Series for the professionals.


Touring Gear Series


Great live concerts rely on perfect orchestrations. A skilful interpla of voices and instruments can create a truly unforgettable experience for all those involved.


Drum microphones have to sound clear, accentuated and palpable - they must transmit the natural sound of the drums instead of just replicating it.

That is what the Touring Gear drum series is for: they can operate at high sound pressure levels, have excellent impulse performance and maximum feedback rejection.


Every artist's voice is individual and unique - and each performance is one-of-a-kind. To turn these transitory moments into a special experience for the audience, you need a microphone that is optimally suited to the artist's voice. Time for the Touring Gear vocal microphones.


Many situations on stage require both optimal sound and maximum freedom of movement. These are situations where the advantages of the Touring Gear headsets really prove themselves. They let artists take full advantage of the entire space offered by the stage, both with their voice and with their body.


A clip-on microphone should be heard, not seen - and for good reason: A lavalier microphone should offer the perfect combination of maximum discreetness and best-possible sound, a task, which beyerdynamic's Touring Gear series clip-on microphone accomplishes brilliantly. You may not seet it, but its excellent sound makes it all the more recognisable.


Every microphone has its own Sound Channelling Technology to ensure optimal control of the sound waves. The result? Incredible sound quality. Details on which sound channeling technology is used in each microphone can be found in the product description.

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