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The Classis BM 53 USB microphone is suitable for connection to computers via USB port. When using an adapter, it is also a practical solution for mobile applications with smart devices (depending on the system requirements).

It is ideal for sound recording (music and speech), tele / video conferences, meetings, distance learning or round table discussions with a maximum of 10 participants.


The Classis BM 53 USB has a silent film button with braille. Depending on the application, you can choose between the operating modes ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk (PTT) and Push-To-Mute (PTM).


In order to reduce low-frequency noise, the frequency response can be adjusted with a bass roll off switch of 150 Hz. With a switchable gain of -10 dB, 0 dB and +10 dB, loud or quiet speakers or small or large distances between microphone and speaker can be compensated. A light-emitting diode indicates that the speaker is ready to speak.


The rugged housing with a high-quality design is covered with a very exclusive, dust repellent black fabric.


The Scudio technology includes many electronical and mechanical measurements to eliminate unwanted interferences from mobile phones. The patented shielding of the capsule is an important detail of all microphones. The interaction of all Scudio features ensures the optimal sound quality and intelligibility of speech of the beyerdynamic Classis BM 53 USB.

  • Suitable for connecting to a PC via USB port RFI-proof with respect to wireless communication devices thanks to Scudio technology
  • ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk and Push-To-Mute function
  • Silent membrane key with braille inscription

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