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What type of eyeshadow palette should you buy from Tejar.pk?

Eyeshadows accentuate our eyes and add a pop of color to our signature makeup look. With the right application technique and color, your eyes would look stunning, be it party makeup or a soft glam for a formal dinner. Picking an eyeshadow kit can be intimidating, especially if you consider the finish, formula, and texture.

From drugstore sweethearts to classic eyeshadow palettes, you’d find the best collection at Tejar.pk. The eyeshadow kit in Pakistan is more of an investment purchase than lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara. The ones with a hefty price tag are highly pigmented and blend easily on the eyes.

To save yourself from swatching every color in the palette, it is better to barge into different types of eyeshadows. Get ready to enhance your repertoire of looks with Tejar.pk, your trusted online makeup seller in Pakistan.

Powder eyeshadow

If you are a makeup novice, powder eyeshadow is the best type, to begin with. It is compressed into different pans and is the easiest to blend on the eyes. They either come as standalone pigments or in a palette. The matte eyeshadow palettes available in Pakistan have an affordable price and are usually used to create the everyday look.

On the other hand, shimmer eyeshadow palettes are used to create dramatic looks. It is best not to rub the powder eyeshadows on your eyelids as the skin is prone to sagging. You could use a brush or your finger to apply the powder eyeshadow in a single stroke.

Cream eyeshadow

Bored with the powdery eyeshadow look? Switch to cream eyeshadows. They are available in sticks, tubes, and pans. The cream-based eyeshadows have a long-wearing formula because of the thick texture. However, the cream eyeshadows are not waterproof. Therefore, they melt down if you wear them in hot weather.

The best thing about cream eyeshadows is their blend-ability. You can blend two or three colors to create a look of your own!

Liquid eyeshadow

The liquid shadow comes in the same packaging as the lip liners. They have a higher pigmentation and staying power. Moreover, they give vibrancy to your makeup look. You could either apply it over the eyelid or use a fine, thin brush to go with a winged eye.

Baked eyeshadow

The blendable and ultra-smooth formula of baked eyeshadow is the reason why it is the go-to choice of many makeup enthusiasts. If you want to create a dramatic look, apply it wet and see the magic. The dry application is best if you want to enhance your eyelids.

For anyone starting as a makeup enthusiast, investing in a nude and shimmer eyeshadow palette is essential. Go for wearable eyeshadows so you can use the palette on a regular basis. Tejar.pk offers eyeshadow palettes from top brands that you can’t go wrong with.