Aeotec LED Strip Price in Pakistan

By: Aeotec

Model: ZW121


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Power supply: 24V/3A DC Adapter.
  • Repeater: Yes
  • Beaming: Yes
  • Z-Wave Plus: Yes
  • Brightness: up to 11000 lm
  • LED Strip length: 5 m / 16.5 ft - can be cut to size about every 20 cm / 8 in.
  • LED Strip width: 12 mm / 0.5 in
  • Maximum Length of LED Strip: 10 m / 32 ft (can be extended using copper wires for a maximum of 10 ft length without voltage drop).
  • Recommended wire for extension: 22 AWG power line / flat cable (Copper).
  • Lumens:5000 Lumens max (5 meters length)1000 lumens/meter.
  • Max operating power: 72W.
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16 million shades of perfect light.

Lighting has changed. It’s now smart and it’s now connected. It can now turn on when you enter a room or turn off when you’re not home.

A strip of powerful light.

LED Strip comes with wireless control built right in. That means that you can control and tune it on demand, on a timer, or via Z-Wave.

A strip of beautiful light.

Colourful light and perfect whites. Light that you can brighten and light that you can dim. LED Strip offers a complete lighting solution in a strip of light that’s 5 metres long and only 3mm thick.

White light.

The light that fills our homes needs to be both functional and beautiful. LED Strip offers both. Perfect whites are offered by dedicated white light diodes allowing LED Strip to replicate both daylight and warm light.

Ambient light.

Lighting should always be perfect. Turn on a light and it should be just the right brightness. LED Strip can be dimmed from its 5,000 lumens to just 1% brightness. And it can be dimmed on demand or dimmed responsively via Z-Wave.

Decorative light.

Change the colour of a room without even a drop of paint. 16 million different colours of high-quality lighting are offered by LED Strip’s RGBW lighting engine. Now vibrant colours can fill a full room or a select corner just as paint normally fills your walls.

A strip of useful light.

It’s not enough for lighting to be wirelessly connected or beautifully coloured. It has to be useful.

Crafting connected lighting.

There’s more to Z-Wave connected lighting than the amazing impact that it has.

In the Box

  • Aeotic LED Strip
  • Controller
  • Screws and double-sided tape.
  • Power adapter.
  • Quick start guide.