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How to choose the LED light strips for home decor

Creative and custom lighting decor is easier to achieve than ever. Liven up your personal space with neon strip lights from The smart LED strip lights have become a stylish and trendy addition to interiors.

They are usually installed behind the television, below the cabinets, and on shelves, mirrors, artwork, and ceilings to light up the room. However, the homeowners take up time in choosing the right smart lights to avoid overstimulating effects and color clashing on the walls and ceilings.

If you want to revamp your entertainment corner, you can pair them with smart bulbs and come up with a cool color combination for a movie night with your friends or family.

If you have made up your mind to buy cheap LED strip lights from, consider the following factors to compare between similar products:

Lumen and color temperature

Lumen is the brightness of smart light panels as perceived to our eyes. We all are accustomed to using watts for measuring brightness because of incandescent lighting. However, the brightness of LED lighting accessories is measured in lumen. When comparing the brightness output from strip to strip, we have to consider the length of the reel as well.

We recommend going for a smart lighting kit with a built-in dimmer. Operating the LED strips below the maximum brightness power would potentially increase their lifespan.

On the contrary, the color temperature is measured in Kelvin and refers to the deviation from the white light. If you want warm white light, the temperature should range between 2000 to 3000 K. The emotion, function, and aesthetics of the space change greatly with the color temperature.

Number of LEDs and strip size

Measure how many meters you need of LED strip lights to confirm the tentative price in Pakistan. The individual circuit boards are soldered together to complete a reel. Once you decide on the meters you want, consider the number of LEDs per foot and the type of chip used for the lights.

Power consumption

The excess power consumption by incandescent light bulbs is the main reason why many homeowners have switched to LED lights. To measure the power consumption, consider the wattage used by the LEDs per foot or meter.

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