WD My Passport Cinema Portable External Hard Drive Price in Pakistan

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Compatible with Vidity-enabled 4K Ultra HD TV's and devices.
  • Preloaded feature-length blockbuster 4K Ultra HD titles ready to be purchased.
  • Download more movies from Vidity retailer such as M-GO.
  • Easy set up and connection. Works straight out of the box with a growing number of Vidity-enabled devices.
  • My Passport Cinema drive delivers true 4K quality directly to your Vidity-enabled viewing device - no Internet-based video streaming.
  • This is an aftermarket of generic part
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Cinema quality without the wait

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear picture and rich audio of true 4K Ultra HD movies with My Passport Cinema movie storage from WD. It’s easy; just plug it into your VIDITY-compatible Ultra HD TV or device, purchase a preloaded movie and start enjoying 8.3 million pixels of stunning entertainment in minutes.

So real, you’ll experience it

The My Passport Cinema 4K UHD movie storage drive delivers images so real that you’ll flinch at action movies, get swept away in the longing of romantic comedies and feel a hero’s euphoria upon saving the earth from mean-spirited aliens. It’s that real.

Experience the highest resolutions, frame rates, audio and color formats available including High Dynamic Range (HDR).

No buffering, image stuttering or quality changes because the My Passport Cinema drive delivers true 4K quality directly to your VIDITY-enabled viewing device – no Internet-based video streaming.

Preloaded with 4K UHD Hollywood titles

The My Passport Cinema storage drive comes preloaded with leading Hollywood titles so you can view true 4K Ultra HD mere minutes after taking it home. There are even some titles with HDR technology for the ultimate in picture quality. To enjoy preloaded titles, go to M-GO or another VIDITY retailer and purchase the movie access code.

The total number and selection of preloaded movie titles are subject to change.

Watch two movies on us

You’ll receive two free pre-selected 4K UHD movie downloads when you purchase a Samsung JS9000 4K SUHD and above TV model.

Build a 4K Ultra HD digital library

Once you’ve seen 4K Ultra HD, you won’t want to go back. Your digital 4K UHD library begins with your My Passport Cinema drive. Add to your collection by downloading additional titles from retailers who offer movies with VIDITY technology so you don’t miss one pixel of 4K Ultra HD entertainment. Each My Passport Cinema drive stores up to 13 4K UHD full-length movies.

VIDITY: The next great thing in home entertainment

WD has partnered with the leaders in entertainment and technology to break the boundaries in home movie watching. The result is VIDITY, a new technology that gives consumers the freedom and flexibility to download and store their movies in the highest quality available including 4K Ultra HD with high dynamic range (HDR). This alliance illustrates WD’s commitment to developing solutions for you to store, protect, share and enjoy the content you love on all your devices.*

Ultra HD device compatibility

My Passport Cinema movie storage works great with VIDITY-enabled 4K UHD TV’s including Samsung HU (2014) and JU/JS (2015) series 4K UHD and 4K SUHD TVs. The list of compatible TVs and devices continues to grow. Click here for a complete list.

Easy connection

My Passport Cinema connects to the USB port on your TV or device so setup is quick and easy. And since it’s preloaded with movies, you’ll be watching the film before the popcorn finishes popping.

In the Box

  • WD My Passport Cinema Portable External Hard Drive
  • 32.0" / 81.3cm USB 3.0 Cable