VisionTek OCPC TLC 7mm 2.5" SSD (SATA) - 120GB Price in Pakistan

By: VisionTek

Model: 901159

Sku: XWE9525KUD

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Max Sequential Reads up to 490 MB/s
  • Max Sequential Writes up to 370 MB/s
  • Max 4K Random Reads up to 45K IOPS
  • Max 4K Random Writes up to 75K IOPS
  • SATA 3.1 Compliant, SATA 6Gb/s – backwards compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & 1.5Gb/s
  • Storage Media Synchronous 3D TLC NAND Flash Memory
  • DDR Cache 128M16
  • TRIM command support (OS dependent)
  • S.M.A.R.T. support
  • StaticDataRefresh technology ensures data integrity
  • Global wear leveling evens program/erase counts to extend drive lifespan
  • RoHS-compliant package
  • Controller: Silicon Motion SM2258
  • Flash Type: 3D TLC NAND
  • Security: Secure Erase support
  • Reliability: ECC, Static and dynamic wear leveling
  • Electrical / Mechanical: +5VDC (±5%) power supply
  • Environmental: Operating temperature: 0-70°C, Non-Operating temperature: -40-85°C, Operating humidity: 5-95% relative
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The OCPC TLC 7mm 2.5" SSD offers speed and reliability for professionals, gamers and everyday users.

The OCPC TLC 2.5” 7mm SSD is designed to bring ultra-fast, reliable storage to PC users. With the shift from the hard disk drive to the solid state drive the OCPC TLC SSDs are a drop-in replacement option for the hard disk drive (HDD). It delivers superior reliability, durability, performance and power efficiency - keeping your system working reliably in the toughest of conditions.

Conforming to the industry standard SATA connector specification, these SSDs integrate easily into existing storage infrastructures. The OCPC TLC SSDs provide high bandwidth and IOPS while efficiently managing write amplification. Employing SSD technology in a system enables faster boot times, quicker application load times, lower power consumption, and enhanced reliability.

Speed / Performance

Start your system in seconds, load files almost instantly, and accelerate the most demanding applications with VisionTek solid state drives. With the advancements in SSD technology, you can open a program and have it load immediately. Unlike a mechanical hard drive, an SSD has no moving parts ensuring faster performance, longer device life and more secure data.

Easy to Install

A solid state hard drive is easy to install, in just a few minutes time you can upgrade your internal system storage. No need to pay someone else, the installation of an SSD is quick and easy! Consult your system manufacturers documentation for system specific installation instructions.

In the Box

  • VisionTek OCPC TLC 7mm 2.5" SSD (SATA)