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Is it worth buying a travel pillow for long-haul flights?

Going on vacations is always fun but the long-haul flights are quite uncomfortable. The cramped position on the plane seat leaves you restless even before the start of your joyful time. With no support to rest your neck and limited space to stretch your legs, you are only going to get exhausted.

Unless you have booked yourself a coveted seat at a first-class, you need to prepare for staying comfortable throughout the long-haul flight alongside packing your luggage. The best solution is to discover a wide range of travel pillows for airplanes on and choose the article that best fits your needs.

If you are to travel outside Pakistan, let’s move forward to some of many reasons why you should invest in a travel pillow:

Keeps a good posture

It is essential to maintain spinal alignment as well as a good posture to stay comfortable in a long-haul flight. While maintaining a proper spinal alignment might not be possible due to limited space, you can prevent strain on your shoulders, head, and neck by using a travel pillow.

It is like an additional layer of cushion wrapped around your neck to provide support to your head. It heightens the possibility of you sleeping in a comfortable position, without having to move your body much.

Breathable and warm fabric

The air inside the plane is cold and often causes your skin to feel pasty and dry. Some airlines provide neck pillows but they are often wrapped in a plastic sheet or mesh to keep them dirt and germ-free. It is easier for the hospitality staff to dispose of the sheet or sanitize the mesh rather than washing the travel pillows.

Nobody wants a crackling voice of plastic sheet while they’re asleep. Therefore, it is best to keep your comfort over the price of neck pillow in Pakistan. It is best to look for gel-enhanced pillows instead of polyester or inflatable ones.

Prevents neck fatigue and pain

If you don’t get the opportunity to rest well during a flight, the chances are, you would experience neck fatigue right after stepping foot off the plane. If you don’t want to set your comfort on the fence, consider buying a neck pillow to prevent twisting every now and then. Other than that, you can schedule your air flight strategically, request a bulkhead seat, and keep medication in your travel bag to reduce fatigue after travel hours.

With so many options available on, you can certainly bring home a good one with the right firmness and comfort.