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Two-way radios- Do you need them for commercial use?

Nowadays, the use of radio waves to stay in touch is not common as we are connected globally via the internet and social media platforms. However, investing in two-way radios is a smart choice if you are running healthcare, educational, hospitality, manufacturing or other commercial business.

Only a few radio models need a licensed service provider for programming. Otherwise, you can carry out in-house programming and start using the two-way radio right away.

A lot of organizations and businesses are paying attention to radio communication with the rise in natural disasters, storms, fires, and other emergency situations. It is a reliable backup option for communication in situations where satellite communication fails. The lower-end models of two-way radios are pre-programmed at specific frequencies. They do not need tampering from the user, unlike high-end models that need a bit of tampering with the frequencies and channel settings.

Tips to use two-way radios in emergencies and commercial environments

Although the information is already provided in the manual to establish a communication channel, it is not readily accessible in emergency situations. Here are some tips to remember if you are going to use two-way radios at commercial environments or in emergencies:

Be brief and clear (h4)

Use a regular volume and speak clearly. Convey only the necessary information and keep it as concise as possible.

Think ahead (h4)

Curate the message in your head before holding down the button to talk. No one else can talk while you have the button pressed. Transmit the information quickly as others might be waiting for their turns to deliver emergency messages.

Moreover, keep the charger and other two-way radio accessories ready in case the authorities declare an emergency situation nationwide.

Avoid transmitting confidential information (h4)

If all the individuals are using the same frequency for radio communication, it might be risky to share sensitive information. Never share confidential messages unless you have exclusive access to the frequency for radio communication.

Identify yourself and the recipient (h4)

Call out the recipient’s name after identifying yourself to get the full attention of the person you want to share the information with. You can transmit the necessary information once he/she has responded to avoid repetition. For example, if you are using it to communicate while hunting, ensure to call out the name as well as the trail (location) before speaking. It allows others to process the information easily.

Two-way radio is a great option for businesses that have staff in the field handling all kinds of operations. The uninterrupted communication makes it one of the best solutions to use in emergency situations as well as for commercial businesses.