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Electric skateboard vs. electric scooter – What’s the future?

The tech industry is now contemplating the future of electric scooters and skateboards. The driving force of the industry’s growth is the appeal of electric scooters and skateboards on the road. They are used for leisure activities, recreation, and sports. However, some people use it for commutation as they save a lot of time and require no fuel. But which is best for you- an electric skateboard or a scooter?

Electric skateboard

While the basic design of an electric board is similar to that of a traditional skateboard, its parts and accessories are quite different. The addition of an electric motor changes the game; once and for all. Thanks to the batteries and the motor, you do not need to exert energy into pushing the board forward.

Moreover, a remote control among other accessories, such as carabiners allows you to halt and maneuver the electric skateboard on the road.

An advantage of using an e-skateboard is that you don’t require a license to stay on the road. Furthermore, they are as portable as pogo sticks. Want to cover half the distance on a public bus? No worries! Electric skateboards are easy to store or carry around.

Electric scooter

A step ahead of kick scooters, an electric scooter is powered by a motor that allows you to ride at high speeds. The battery capacity is sufficient to a cover large distance on a single charge. The wide deck, large wheels, and sturdy handlebars give more balance and control to the riders.

On top of everything, the electric scooters are versatile and come with neat features, such as a storage space to keep your umbrella, journal, coffee mug, or portable flashlight.

What should you buy? – Comparing an electric skateboard with an electric scooter

Let’s put these two electric vehicles against each other to compare the differences as well as similarities:

Safety gears

Safety is perhaps, an important factor to consider before buying an electric skateboard or a scooter. When looking for a skateboard, we consider high-quality grip tapes, a large deck, and wheels for better stability and control. On the other hand, we consider high-quality handles and the width of the deck while buying an electric scooter.

The braking system of an electric scooter is far more efficient as compared to that of an electric skateboard.


Evidently, electric skateboards are faster than scooters. A dual-motor scooter can go as fast as 50 kph while an electric skateboard can accelerate at a speed of up to 60 kph.


There’s no specific price mark for both electric vehicles. However, the price of electric scooters in Pakistan goes higher with advanced specs. When comparing the price factor of scooters and electric skateboards in Pakistan, the latter tends to be pricier as the consumer demand is low.


Maneuverability is the ability to handle the vehicle and ride comfortably. Given that electric scooters come with an efficient braking system, a wide deck, and handles, they provide more stability and control. Moreover, they have pneumatic wheels which are good if you are riding over cracks or uneven surfaces.

Now that you have read the laid-out comparison between the two, the choice comes down to your preferences. If you want comfort and stability for longer travels, it’s best to buy an electric scooter. On the contrary, if you need speed for shorter travels, an electric skateboard is a good option.