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Are you looking for ways to add physical activity to your child’s routine? A pogo stick gives off playful vibes and is great to keep your child active and happy. The simple contraption leads to many hours of gameplay and fun for kids as well as adults. It does not only develop muscle and confidence but also helps to build coordination skills and balance.

To this day, pogo sticks are manufactured by a multitude of companies, including those that deal in electric skateboards and scooters. Despite the basic design, timeless appeal, and simple appearance, it is difficult to decide on the best option.

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A pogo stick is a great addition to ramp up your outdoor activities. If you are on the fence about investing in a pogo stick, consider the following benefits:

Develop gross motor skills

If you want to accelerate your child’s gross motor skills, bring a pogo stick home now. It helps to develop coordination and improve crucial skills, balance, and athletic abilities. Consequently, you can make their daily tasks safer and easier while building confidence.

A pogo stick is just the start to prepare your child for various outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting, cycling, etc.

Provide strenuous exercise

Involve your children in full-body exercise with pogo sticks. The continuous jumps do not only build upper body muscles but also strengthen the core. Playing with a pogo stick regularly can prevent damage during other physical activities and improve your child’s body posture.

Build confidence

Learning how to jump on a pogo stick requires practice and patience. As the activity is considered tricky and challenging, your child would create a sense of accomplishment after mastering it. The unique skill would definitely build confidence and leave them proud of their skills in the playground.

What type of pogo stick should you buy for your kid?

Tejar.pk has two main types of pogo sticks listed:

Traditional pogo sticks

The footholds of a traditional pogo stick are short and there to keep your child in a center position. They help them to maintain balance on a small base, capped with rubber. Generally, companies that deal in electric skateboard parts and accessories tend to make different designs for older children with developed gross motor skills and young children who need the patience to master the skill.

Assisted pogo sticks

The assisted pogo sticks feature a foam at the bottom or a wide base to make bouncing and balancing easier for the children. If you want immediate reinforcement for a younger child, an assisted pogo stick is a good option.

When shopping for a pogo stick, keep your child’s height, age, usage period, and budget in mind. The price of a pogo stick in Pakistan is influenced by the quality of the enclosed spring. Therefore, do your due diligence and weigh the pros and cons of each type thoroughly, before buying a pogo stick online.