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Scout your favorite zones with the best rangefinder and trail camera

Trail cameras and rangefinders have evolved from expensive hunting accessories to readily available consumer products. A rangefinder is an essential hunting tool to calculate the distance between you and the animal. The hunters use them to spot the animals through their rifle scope and prepare for the perfect shots.

Trail rangefinders for your next hunting day

The trail rangefinders use laser technology to calculate the distance of the reflective target. The hunters trigger the laser by pushing the button and then pointing it towards the target. The rangefinder divides the total distance in half and displays the result on the screen.

The high-end rangefinders have added features like bullet drop compensation and wind factor prediction to enhance the probability of a sure shot.

What to look for in a trail rangefinder?

Apart from two-way radios to communicate with your friends, you need a rangefinder with good features. While each feature brings many advantages to the table, having too many could make the device impractical and difficult to use.

Here are the features to look for when buying a rangefinder:

Maximum finding distance range (h4)

The rangefinders that cover a distance of more than 1000 yards are long-range while those that cover less than 1000 yards are short-range. As the device calculates the distance between you and the target, you don’t need a device having a range further than what you’d be shooting. The majority of the rangefinders are accurate at around 400 to 500 yards.

Aiming point (h4)

The aiming point is what you see through the scope of the rangefinder. The reticle is pointed towards the target and addresses different situations before aiming. Some reticles illuminate to aid night-time hunting while others sense wind conditions, entail bullet drop compensation features, and are great at aiming at specific birds and animals.

Magnification (h4)

The magnification feature shows the animals larger than we see with the naked eyes. This makes it easier for the hunter to put accurate reticle points on the birds and animals. However, a rangefinder with multiple lens coatings and a large lens diameter does not need strong magnification power.

Weight and size (h4)

The rangefinders come in a variety of sizes but hunters prefer a small size as it's easier to carry, pack and hold. A medium-sized rangefinder fits perfectly with other accessories in your backpack such as a portable warmer, trail camera, travel mug, etc.

Start the hunting season with the right accessories

Hunting can be quite tough but with the right trail camera and rangefinder, you can have a winning season. Whether you prefer standard features or modern technology in trail cameras, has high-end products to meet your hunting needs.