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Buy ear protection from before the hunting season

The hunters never walk onto an active range without wearing ear protection gear. All too often, the shooters who use shotguns outright ignore or completely neglect ear protection. If hunting is your long-term hobby, not wearing any protective gear could take a major toll on your hearing ability.

Wearing earplugs or earmuffs is imperative to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Here are some reliable options that you can consider buying from to avoid hearing loss:


Earmuffs are similar to clam-like headphones that cover your ears and go over your head to provide overall noise protection and comfort. Just like earplugs, has a wide variety of high-end ear muffs – some with better features to protect from loud firearm noise.

One drawback of using earmuffs is not hearing your fellow hunters clearly. While using a two-way radio, you’d have to uncover your ears, which could be quite annoying at times.


Earplugs are among convenient hunting accessories to carry and protect your eardrums from loud shots. Earplugs were the first readily available protective gear for hunters in the market. As of now, we have a lot of options in earplugs. So, it is important to inspect the quality and strength to ensure they are the best fit for your ears.

Electronic earmuffs

If you love staying on top of trends, then noise-canceling electronic earmuff is what you should go with. It is a great option if you are hunting with a group. It mutes all the noises that are louder than 80 decibels. Moreover, the headphones detect normal speech and amplify it so you could communicate with the fellow hunters easily.

What should you consider before buying ear protection accessories from

While we have many options for our buyers, they should consider the following factors when deciding on a specific type:

Noise reduction rating (NRR)

All the noise-canceling products have a rating to depict how much sounds they would reduce to prevent hearing loss. While earplugs and earmuffs have different ratings, the foam plugs for hunting have the lowest one.


The type of ear protective gear you buy depends upon how you’re going to utilize it. If you need to use two-way radio accessories or listen to the group leader’s commands, then using foam earplugs might not fit your requirements as they block or dampen all the sounds. Other types, such as an electronic earmuff amplifies low decibel sounds and dampens high decibel sounds to protect your ears.


Are you a regular hunter or are you someone who gets active once in a blue moon? If you are not a seasonal hunter, it's best to go for simpler and cost-effective options. Otherwise, go for custom protective gear.

With the next hunting season approaching, you can find your true companion beforehand on and dodge permanent hearing loss.