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Buy the best portable lights in Pakistan – Understand your flashlight choices with Tejar.pk

Your smartphone probably has a built-in flashlight and must be good at shining at about 4 feet of distance in front of you. But if you want far better ergonomics, durability, illumination, and versatility, you might have to consider a standalone flashlight.

There’s a whole world of portable outdoor lights that you can get pulled into – from duty flashlights, flood flashlights, and tactical flashlights to pocket flashlights. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, who’d like to go hunting or camping, it can be difficult to narrow down your flashlight choices. However, Tejar.pk is here to help you out and select the best flashlight for outdoor recreation.

Key factors to choose the right flashlight

The flashlights fall under different price brackets due to the run time, light output, battery type, weight, and size. The brightness is the biggest pricing factor due to the inclusion of advanced circuit technology, battery, and a luminous bulb. Some features, such as multiple light modes, effective heat dissipation, strong impact, and water resistance add to the cost, so does the rechargeable battery.

Here are the non-ANSI rated features that influence your flashlight selection:

Lens reflector

The lens surrounding the bulb influences the beam type. You can either go for spot or flood beam. The spot flashlight gives off a condensed beam to cover long distances. The spot beam is perfect for a fast-paced activity, such as running, cycling, or riding an electric skateboard at night. Similarly, the flood beam is good for general tasks, such as fixing a pogo stick or putting up a camp.

An adjustable outdoor light allows you to switch between spot and flood beams. For example, a climber looking for a portable warmer in his bag would use a flood beam but would switch to a spot beam when spotting a pitch.

Lighting modes

The majority of portable outdoor lights entail a single mode but high-end flashlights have more than three modes for brightness; boost, high, medium, and low. The outdoor enthusiasts rarely use other modes but it is reassuring to throw a strong beam in emergency situations.


The availability of replacement batteries is often considered when selecting a flashlight. The disposable batteries give a higher output voltage and are readily available in the market. On the contrary, lithium-ion batteries can be recharged by a solar panel or through a power outlet.


Add-ons such as carabiners, holsters, belt clips, diffusers, and lens filters are essential if you are going to use the flashlight for non-mundane tasks.

It is best to explore and test the features of the flashlight before deciding on the model. The battery efficiency and the advancement in LED technology have resulted in a wide array of top-notch flashlights in the market.