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The best boosted skateboard and scooter accessories on Tejar.pk

The electric scooters and skateboards have all the rage from the new generation. While there are many brands in the line, Boosted makes some of the most powerful e-boards and scooters. As they are remote-controlled and battery-powered, you can limit its speed until you are comfortable and no longer a beginner. As the practicality is fairly good, the short travels and daily commutes to work won’t be tiring anymore.

If you own an electric skateboard or a scooter, chances are that you’ve started looking for accessories to upgrade your ride. If you are on the prowl to make some cool additions to your vehicle, check out the best Boosted electric skateboard parts on Tejar.pk:

All-in-one skate tool

When out on rides, never forget to take an all-in-one skate tool with you. It allows you to tighten up the bushings and adjust the carve for increased stability at higher speeds. Considering the high vibrations your skateboard receives on the roads, you must have a skate tool to tighten your wheels.

Replacement belt kit

An electric skateboard or a scooter is powered by a motor, which is then connected to a shaft via a belt. The wear and tear might leave your board underpowered and snap while you are out. Therefore, you should always have a spare belt and a replacement kit in your storage space.

Electric skateboard bearings

One of the important electric skateboard accessories is the bearings. The new bearings on the board provide minimal drag and an incredibly smooth ride. It is best to go for bearings made out of glass balls instead of metal ones as they are prone to scratches and rust.

Just as tuning is required for two-ray radios to work properly, proper lubrication is necessary to reduce the daily wear and tear of the bearings.


The absolute accessory to get before riding a board is a helmet. As an electric board’s speed can reach up to 60 kph, the probability of crashing or stumbling on the ground is pretty high. Therefore, you should always opt for a full-face helmet.

A high-quality helmet allows you to adjust the size by taking out or adding back the padding. Moreover, the built-in air vents around the ear ports, nose, and head provide comfort during the ride.

An experienced rider is able to deduce that the electric skateboard accessories are essential to enhance the commuting experience. Some accessories, such as driver covers, helmets, wheels, and lights make our ride surer and safer on the roads. Therefore, you should always go for reputed manufacturers. Check out the amazing accessories by Boosted on Tejar.pk and upgrade your cool ride.