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Must have hookah accessories on Tejar.pk

Just like adding wheels enhances the appearance of your car, upgrading your hookah with accessories adds a flair to it. Customizing your hookah does not only makes it unique but also improves your shisha experience. With all the exclusive hookah accessories in Pakistan, you can create a piece to show off to your friends.

If you are pumped to personalize your hookah pipe, consider the following accessories from Tejar.pk:

Heat management device

Get the most of your shisha tobacco with the heat management devices available exclusively at Tejar.pk. They are one of the newest accessories to hit the market. Basically, they disperse the heat from the coals evenly so you can enjoy the earthy taste alongside the fruity burst of flavor. In short, they eliminate the need to rotate the coals.

The heat management devices feature air vents and adjustable lids to have the perfect cloud thickness and proper flavor, as per your preferences. Want a strong hookah flavor? Just close the vents. Is smoke too harsh for your liking? Just open the vents to release the heat trapped inside the device.

Hookah hose

Switch to a silicone hookah hose to prevent smoke ghosting. The smokers carry it in their hands and use it to inhale the smoke till the coals dry out. As like vaporizers, the hose of a hookah is also attached to the stem.

The majority of hookah setups you see online include hoses. As the traditional hookahs are not washable, the smoker lovers have to replace the hoses for further modification. Most people are now switching to hookah hoses because they are available in different shapes and are washable.

Hookah base

The base, also known as the hookah jar contains the shisha smoke and even holds your setup together. A base is one of the important hookah accessories to go for because it carries the shisha bowl, the tray, and the stem upright. The smoke is generated and collected in the base until you smoke it through the hose/pipe. Moreover, it is also responsible for stemming out the harmful chemicals while smoking.

Hookah bowl

The hookah bowl is essential to hold your tobacco in place and is connected with the pipe so you can enjoy the shisha flavor with your friends. Back then, the bowls were made out of clay. But as of now, you’d find a wide variety of silicon and metal bowls online.

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