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Glance at a better Summer: Stay hydrated with smart water bottles

Ever since fitness enthusiasts started emphasizing on proper hydration and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, the water bottle industry in Pakistan has observed lucrative growth. Not many people pay importance to their physical well-being, which has led the brands to launch smart water bottles with high-end features like glow reminders, water intake tracker and what not.

While you can see various versions of smart water bottles on our page, the core concept of the technology is pretty much the same. Nearly all smart water bottles use a software to track your water intake. The primary goal of the water bottle brands is similar – motivating us to consume the needed amount of water to stay on top of our hydration game.

The technology behind smart water bottles

A branded smart water bottle comes with added features to get your health back on track. The smart water bottle price in Pakistan is a bit high but for good reasons. The cutting-edge bells and whistles allow you to pair it with your fitness watch to track your daily water consumption. It encourages you to keep the monthly or weekly health progress in check.

Some of them gauge the instant time of the day to readjust the amount of water you should be drinking. Moreover, they are quick to send reminders on when to drink, through vibrations, sounds, and lights.

Smart lids of the bottles are often used to adjust the water consumption amount based on your gender, height, age, weight, climate conditions, and activity levels.

The water-tracking application integrated with your bottle increases the suggested intake if the weather is humid and hot. Similarly, it also tracks other traits, such as your sedentary lifestyle, high activity level, and much more to adjust the amount as well as the push reminders.

In a fast-paced world, where the hectic routines have us occupied throughout the day, going digital is the only solution to live a convenient life. A stainless steel water bottle is just cut out for the basic requirements and can also withstand the long trips to the gym and exercise studios. But it won’t give you the functionality these intelligent bottles are offering to make your future self healthier.